‘’Success story of ‘JUSTICE AT YOUR DOORSTEP’ is exemplary.

CM Vasundhara Raje Rajasthan Cabinet Reshuffle

Jaipur, 12th May: For the good of the common villagers, Vasundhara Raje initiated the ‘Justice at your doorstep ‘scheme. Public courts covered under the ambit of Udaipur district engenders a sense of comfort to the villagers. A public court in UDAIPUR gave a heartfelt relief to the common villagers.

Nowadays, after the scheme has been initiated ,justice is given within a few minutes, without compromising on the quality of justice. Inspite of the heat of the campaign, the zeal and enthusiasm of the villagers was remarkable and noteworthy. There are a plethora of cases which are almost a decade –old . Justice was not granted to the accused. However, due to the inception of the scheme, quick disposal of cases has been possible . This has proved to be an absolute boon for the villagers.

Blessed with similar comfort and justice, was Meena family. This family belongs to the Surma tribe.

In the camp, Kubera Meena,father of Surma was presented before the sub-divisional officer of Jhadol, Trilokchand Meena. Kubera Meena  presented the application. In the application , he directed that the ineherited land(Pushteni) has in its papers, name of  his older brother, Vaja  imprinted and not his.

This episode was recorded in section 88 of 1955 on the RTA. Subdivision official provided an opportunity to be heard to both sides .In the cooncluding justice statement Surma Meena was declared a s the co-owner of the property ,with her big brother,Vaja.

Sub-division official thanked the Chief Minister and the government for providing relief to the people in village . Simultaneously , he handed over the necessary documents to Surma Meena . On receiving the documentation , Surma expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the minister, sub-division heads and other authorities who have been an integral part of providing justice to Surma.

Surma was another happy villager who was benefitted greatly from the ‘Justice at your doorstep ‘ scheme . She is just one , among several others who have been bestowed with due justice . The scheme has indeed proved to be a boon for all villagers.


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