Do this when stranger parks an AUDI outside your house-gate; A fine punch in the face


    If you own a Bungalow, you know how it feels when a stranger trespasses your house exterior and also parks his/her car outside. It spews pangs of disgust and cringe-worthy emotions for the driver.

    Quite recently, a man parked his Audi outside a house-gate in Birmingham. It was a silver Audi which the witless driver parked over two spaces on a private driveway outside a house.

    Astonishingly, when Hannah Crocker, a house dweller came home and saw the scene, he chose to teach a hard-learned lesson to the driver. The resident blocked the car for close to two hours, engendering the driver to wait for the way to get clear, and waiting being too unceremonious agitated him to the core.

    When the driver came back, what he saw was really a visual-teacher. The lesson he was taught will sure be ingrained in his head as a long-lasting lesson.

    When the driver arrived at the parking-spot outside the seven-person house share, he was taken aback. He was baffled at seeing a Red Skoda parked across the front of the drive, thereby blocking the way for him.

    The driver was clearly at his sixes and sevens, clearly clueless as to how he would get out. As they say, A friend in need is a friend indeed. He called his friend who quickly rushed to the spot of dilemma to rescue his friend.

    Hannah, 25, said: “I’d nipped out on Saturday morning and when I came back I was fuming to find my driveway blocked by an unknown car. “Not only that, he had parked over two spaces, leaving nowhere for me to park,” she added.

    “Usually I would just park further up the road, but I was so annoyed as this kept happening, neither me nor my housemates had any idea who it was, so I decided to block the driver in.”

    “I was home for a couple of hours, waiting for a knock on the door, but then I had to go out again and I left the car parked across the drive.”

    After having parked her car in the front, Hannah went along with her friend. She came back hours later when she saw the irked driver pushing her car further to unblock the way.

    She said: “While I’d been out, one of my housemates called me and said the driver had come back, there was no way for him to get out, so he was just sitting in his car.

    “By the time we got back, another friend had joined him and they were bouncing the car up and down, trying to push it into the road.”

    Luckily Hannah’s housemate had filmed the whole thing too, thereby validating what she claimed.

    When Hannah approached them, the two grumpy men shouted at Hannah asking why she’d blocked the way.

    Naturally, Hannah back-questioned as to why they had parked their car on the driveway, to which the grumpy driver bluntly replied: There’s nowhere else to park.

    So folks, next time when a stranger parks his car outside the front-gate, you exactly know how to punch that person in his face. (well, in car!)



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