Yadav Family Drama Unfolds: Who’s Who?

Samajwadi Party drama

The Great Yadav Family of Uttar Pradesh has all the ‘Chart-Buster’ Elements of Daily Soap Operas!

With telltale signs of breakups to in-house controversies, treacherous uncles, rebellious sons and silent bahus, SP Supremo Mulayam Singh’s prodigiously large Yadav family has all the spicy elements that would give Ekta Kapoor a solid run for her money. Though the family patriarch just announced, ‘Things are back to normal now’, we cannot ignore fissures that run deep within Samajwadi Party.

Oh! How The Drama Unfolds…

Just as in any good soap, the ‘Yadav Gatha’ (a name we’ve chosen for this family drama) is full of emotions, broken relationships and revolts that are likely to affect the biggest society of India (in other words, the oppressed public of Uttar Pradesh).

Add to it family rifts, power and money, which makes it totally thrilling! Like the climax of a typical Ramsey Brother’s film, we’re completely unaware of the factors that created issues in  Samajwadi camp and how things slipped out of the ‘clever’ old man’s hand. This mystery is absolutely delicious!


Monday morning, we saw Shivpal and Akhilesh in ‘angry bird’ avatars, spewing fire at each other. While the CM broke down more than once in one of his fiery speeches, the witty uncle rushed towards mic, declaring him a ‘liar’. The clan virtually split into two groups- one led by current CM Akhilesh Singh and the other led by Shivpal Yadav.

 But, before the credits could roll, supporters from both sides came to blows outside party headquarters based in Lucknow. And this is how to first season of ‘Yadav Gatha’ ended.

SP Leaders Have the Potential to Act In Daily Soaps

Seeing how proficient they’re in acting, had Ekta hired these politicians, she could’ve used them for.

1) Akhilesh Yadav as Ansh Gujjaral from ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi’

akhilesh yadav Samajwadi Party drama

The Rebellious Sons: One plays the onscreen offender, the other gives way to crimes and offence in his state.

Akhilesh gave his best onscreen performance, this Monday. The ‘Baghi’ son dropped hints at breaking all ties from the 20-year old party, whereas Senior Yadav was hell bent on having brother Shivpal and ‘chaddhi buddy’ Amar Singh back in the party. What can we say, the father-son feud over property (or chair) is a common occurrence in every household.

2) Mulayam Singh as Sajjan Singh from ‘Pratigya’

mulayam singh Samajwadi Party drama

Kudos to their inability to frame a proper sentence! They’re evil, they’re notorious and they’re the reason why ‘bahus’ in family (& betis in state) cry.

Recently, Mulayam went one step further to add fuel to this fire. A ‘Maha Gath Bandhan’ for upcoming 2017 UP elections was announced by him, should Akhilesh separate himself from the party.

There’s a copycat in every family and Mulayam is no different. Seems like his innovative idea of ‘Maha Gat Bandhan’ was an age old formula copied from 2015 Bihar state elections.

3) Shivpal Yadav as Yamini Singh from ‘Naagin’

shivpal yadav Samajwadi Party drama

Allegedly involved with several scams and molestation charges, Shivpal is the reason why we don’t let daughters out post-sunset. Like Yamini, he’s cruel, sprouts venom and he could easily kill for power!

Shivpal Yadav played the ‘munshi’ of 1970’s Masala movies in the family drama. He cleverly approached RLD and JDU leaders, attempting to secure his seats in UP 2016 elections while the elder brother was left to deal with party hostilities!

4) Amar Singh as Gopi Bahu from Saath Nibhana Sathiya

amar singh Samajwadi Party drama

They’re silent, they’re invisible and they get bullied by everyone present in their vicinity. The resemblance is remarkable!

5) Azam Khan as Dolly Bindra from Bigg Boss

ajam khan Samajwadi Party drama

Even though he didn’t participate in the recent episodes, we just can’t forget the ‘bhadkau’ statements, public abuses and the ‘buffalo’ investigation, can we?

Now that we have the roles covered, we’re just waiting for the final episode of this season. UP elections will hopefully put an end to it!


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