Man expresses his awesome version of demonetisation on twitter . Take a ‘Peekaboo’.


    Demonetisaton has transformed the Indian spending habits. Owing to the move, it has become inevitable for India to become cashless. The public is optimistic about the move. However,there is a bit of remorseness shadowing in the public. This is purely due to fluctuating policies and guidelines. The public also doesn’t hesistate to voice their opinion . Recently, there was a hilarious series of twitter posts which is sure to grab your eyes.

    Thanks to Twitter for this. A man on twitter posted 13 posts describing the nuances of Demonetisation. Sanjay Sipahimalani’s analogy is wonder-striking. He expresses how demonetisation process has panned out, in an in-flight announcement style which you just can’t afford to miss.

    Such public opinion and comments simply contribute towards lightening the griefs of the public. It gives a fresh lease of breath to one and all. Afterall, what is needed for a happy life is essentially a transformed perspective. Isn’t it ?


    Here are the chronologically sequenced tweets  posted by this ultra formidable man:

    1. If in-flight announcements were made in the manner of demonetisation notifications: (1/13)
    2. Hello, and welcome aboard. Do fasten your seatbelts, because we’re in for a bumpy ride. (2/13)
    3. You can stow cabin baggage in the overhead compartment for the first 15 minutes after which you need to place it under your seat.
    4. After five more minutes, you can take it out and place it on your lap. Until further notice.
    5. You can switch off your cellphones now. Those who switched off cellphones five minutes ago may be subject to penalty.
    6. There is no penalty for those using pre-paid cards that they have purchased in the last 24 hours.
    7. Or is it 12 hours? We’ll let you know.
    8. Our in-flight crew will be happy to take care of your needs. Write down stated needs and get the signature of the airline CEO.
    9. Food will be served first to those sitting on rows 1 to 12. After 5 minutes, we’ll reverse the order. Then it’s odd-numbered rows.
    10. Unless the food runs out.
    11. Those who are already full are encouraged to distribute leftover food to those less fortunate.
    12. In case of turbulence, oxygen masks will drop down. Before using these, you need to provide a chest X-ray that is KYC-compliant.
    13. The flight should take 60 minutes, but it could be more. Or less. It’s a small inconvenience. Take this flight for the nation.

    What an epic series of tweets . What a commendable comparison!



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