Raje Government’s Lucrative Welfare Policies Ensure Upliftment of Gujjars In Rajasthan

Rajasthan Government Policies for Gujjars

Earlier when High Court had marked down 5 percent reservation of Gujjars under Special Backward Class (SBC) which has led to greater agitation among the community. Fortunately, a stay on proceedings of High Court decision has been imposed. Bainsla, who is playing his political tactics putting all his efforts may have hard time finding any flaws for government in this. He is leading the mounting impatience among Gujjar masses and misleading them heavily against all government decisions. The cunning Gujjar leaders like Himmat Singh Gujjar and Kirori Singh Bainsla are throwing hissy fit at every favourable contribution by Raje government.

During all this chaos, Vasundhara Raje is trying everything in her power to bring comforts for Gujjars. CM Raje have hired top lawyer of the country to fight the case in their favour and promised to take matter to higher judiciary.

Gujjar community members are running under heavy quandaries but Raje government has introduced numerous policies in favour of the community. So, even if higher judiciary disapproves the hike in reservation, Gujjars will have enough perks to enjoy in the state.

Raje government allotted a massive sum of Rs. 900 crore to Gujjar leaders so that they can utilize the money in advancement of their community. Till date, government has provided jobs to 4000 Gujjars and also waived off more than 700 court cases against some members which were registered during the time of community protest.

During the budget announcement of 2014-15, CM Raje allotted a massive sum of Rs.500 crore for Devnarayan Yojna.

Under the shelter of Raje government, Gujjar community is availing raise in the field of education also. Devnarayan Gurukul Yojna is one pioneer step by Raje government.

Although the stay on High Court order is not long prevailing but by introducing various benefitting policies, Raje government has already prepared a cakewalk for Gujjars of Rajasthan. After this, higher  judiciary decision should be least effective on the Gurjjar community of the state.


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