Rajasthan Sampark Portal raises the bar by addressing a marriage proposal

Rajasthan Sampark Portal

On October 13, a man from Bhilwara district of Rajasthan requested the Rajasthan Sampark Portal, to find him a ‘suitable’ bride. In his strange request, the 20-year old asked the government to help him get married and in return they will receive his good wishes.

In the first-of-its-kind application, the man wrote that he belongs to a Gujjar community and is fair, tall and a Class 11 passed. He is looking for a “well-cultured” girl from the same community who would also take care of his parents.

The complaint was registered under the social justice and empowerment department.

Rajasthan Sampark Portal is an initiative by the state government to provide a centralised platform to submit and redress all kinds of grievances. An important element of Rajasthan’s digitization process, through this portal users can also acquire information on E-Governance, online ticket booking, and downloading and submission of forms. Along with this, doubts regarding government policies and acts are also addressed on a regular basis.

Replying to this strange request on October 21, officials of the department wrote that as per the rules of Indian Government, the minimum suitable age to get married for a man is 21 year old. They suggested the applicant to wait for another year and then look for a bride with the help of his community members.

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As per the portal’s protocol, full verification was done on the request through which it was found out that the minor works in a shop and submitted the application after being introduced to the Sampark portal by a friend working at the e-mitra centre. E-mitra centre is another initiative by the state government which helps people to avail services of the government and private sectors under one roof.

CM Raje said that any official who disposed off a complaint wrongfully or marked it ‘disposed’ on the basis of a false report, without actual disposal, departmental action should be taken against the concerned. Hence, despite the fact that this strange request had no value whatsoever, the department sought guidance from the Collectorate and Sharad Sharma, deputy director of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment sent the complaint to the district council as well for its redressal.

A report on public grievances lodged at the Sampark Portal is shown to the State Cabinet on a monthly basis.

No wonder, the faith of the people in the state government is getting stronger and however strange a request seem, it will be redressed systematically!


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