Rajasthan Govt partners with CISCO to bolster dual objectives: IT enabled Girls Education and Water Management

10 years old Dipa and 12 years old Laboni study in class two at Studying at UNIQUE CHILD LEARNING CENTRE. Mirpur

Rajasthan is treading on an unending path to engender a digitally transformed state. In order to fast-track the digital transformation of the state, Rajasthan has partnered with the IT major, CISCO, which has agreed to support two initiatives of the State government.

To reinforce the vision of a ‘Smart Rajasthan’, Higher Education and Water Resource Departments signed two Statements of Intent (SoI) with CISCO on January  8. Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje and Executive Chairman of CISCO Shri John Chambers were present in the signing ceremony at SMS Convention Centre.

Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje said, “Rajasthan is the best equipped state when it comes to embracing the Digital Economy. Rajasthan stands out for making Digital India a reality”.

She said that now CISCO would help developing Digital Classroom solutions through SIEMAT to the education institutes for girls.

Smt. Raje added, “Cisco Networking Academy courses in 25 government ITIs and networking of ITIs in the Divisional Headquarters and Anta – are efforts that make us all proud. 60% of our population were youth and it was for us to work together and make a difference in their lives, help them live their dreams.”

Executive Chairman of CISCO Shri Chambers said that Digitization opened up unprecedented opportunities for every country, state and the city. He also added: “Impact of digitization was all encompassing – citizen-centric services for enhanced quality of life, smart secure communities, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital skills and education for all.”

CISCO Chairman appreciated CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje’s for her comprehensive understanding about Digitalisation and the numerous benefits it renders. He expressed that Digitalisation is a  herald of game-changing developments for any state. He said that with Cisco’s new initiatives, the company’s collaboration with the government of Rajasthan would bolster effective accomplishment of  CM’s vision of Digital Rajasthan.

CISCO India and SAARC President Dinesh Malkani said that digital transformation of Rajasthan would help accelerate the state’s competitiveness by engendering a highly skilled workforce. He further added that this workforce will be ready for the jobs of the future. Not only this, digitalization would also render equal education opportunities for all along with ensuring world-class citizen services in water and electricity.

Malkani expressed that the digital classrooms in women’s college would substantially proliferate employment options for them and help advance their careers. Thereafter, the state could become an incredible training ground for the next generation of women leaders. “We are excited to help enable the CM’s vision of Digital Rajasthan to accelerate the state’s development agenda, improve citizen wellbeing through digital services, create jobs and boost entrepreneurship.”

The SoI signed by the Water Resource department was in nexus with effective and smart management of the state’s water resources in order to reduce its wastage and maximize conservation of water.

During the event, secretaries of Water Resources, Energy, Higher Education, Skill Development & Labour gave presentation on the opportunities of IT interventions in their respective departments.

Urban Housing Development Minister Shri Shrichand Kriplani, Labour Minister Dr. Jaswant Singh Yadav, Minister of State for Education Shri Vasudev Denvani, Minister of State for Energy Shri Pushpendra Singh, City Mayor Shri Ashok Lahoti, DGP Rajasthan Shri Manoj Bhatt, among many other dignitaries were also present at this transformational juncture in the history of Rajasthan.


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