Rajasthan Cabinet Sustantially Revamped


The Rajasthan Cabinet Board was reorganized on the 15th of November 2016. There were major reforms made in the Board. Newly appointed members have joined the incumbent members . This move was considered  necessary for serving many objectives. Few amongst the many objectives are as follows :-

Render Development in the State of Rajasthan.

Boost the Economic Efficiency of the State.

Generate Employment for the poor.

Reinforcement of Agricultural Developments.

Reinstate Equality and alleviate poverty.

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan , Smt. Vasundhara Raje held a meeting on Tuesday and appointed new Chiefs and members for various State level organisations . The Chief Minister also expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards them .

Following is a list of the major changes made in the Board :



Addition to the Minority Board– Munnavar Khan

The Chief Minister greeted all of the new entrants and welcomed them to the Board.

The major highlights of the reorganization was as follows:

  1. Focus on appointing the Minority . This would ensure Equality and lend a voice to all the minority members as well as the public at large. This step also reinstates  the fact that Minority will not suffer under the current governance . Proper steps will be taken to safeguard the interests of the Minority stakeholderds.
  1. Major impetus will be duly given to the Agricultural sector. Farmers will now be thoroughly  involved in the Decision making process. This ensures that ‘Everybody shall be equally heard’by the Government. Grievances of all the  parties – irrespective of their Social and financial status will be heard and resolved as effectively as possible .
  1. This reform has lead to Restoration of Immense confidence of the general public in the Government . It is an optimistic indication which also strengthens the political thrust of the party .

All the new appointees came to greet Smt. Vasundhara Raje  on the following day and expressed their assent to work collaboratively towards the betterment of


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