Punjab Elections 2017: Five Answers That Can Change Your Viewpoint On North Indian Politics


Today can end as blessing for some and doomsday for some on the land of five rivers. Also, this election decision in Punjab can conclude as a landmark decision, if Congress manages to conquer the starry eyed voters. But, one thing is for sure that, this time it will be least like an eleventh-hour decision as the Punjab voters have savoured enough of politicking. Punjab elections have always given equal turns to Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress unlike last time when BJP-Akali came into existence.

Here we have some major answers to some most tangled questions related to North India politics:

Will AAP be able to spread outside Delhi?

With this flaring message, “Hogi Congress di chhutti, Akaliyan ne khoob Punjab nu luti, Janata jaag gayee ab sooti”, AAP has arranged all possibilities to make address a win in Punjab. Since, the youth and vulnerable underclass voters are going with the AAP flair, the chances of turning this into victory are high. If the party manages to keep the balance in the state, it may end with better numbers.

What are the chances of Congress comeback?

Unlike the old, “inevitable”, Punjab has a new flair of “uncertainty”. Congress has savoured enough incumbency in Punjab in equal turns. While a victory will prove as a good dose of morale improvement for the “naive” party chief, a defeat may infuse a setback of few more years ahead.

How much leeway will Punjabis give to an outsider?

The state is going through so many distinct issues that, the voters do not mind even an outsider. They just want a revamped Punjab and nothing more.

How much demonetisation has affected the voters banks?

Demonetisation has affected the entire nation’s mindset and Punjab is no different. While PM Modi has endlessly explained the true motives behind scrapping of 85% currency of the country, majority of the population is not up for the required patience with this brave decision of the ruling government.

Who will mould the wind of Modi government in North India?

Despite of being a tiny state, Punjab holds enough influence in the areas of North India. Whoever wins the Punjab battle will make way for coming elections in nearby state. At least the political theories suggest that.




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