PM Modi Accompanying BJP-SAD In Recent Punjab Elections

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally entered the Punjab campaign in Friday addressing a public meeting at PAP Ground, Jalandhar, Punjab. Currently, the election flair is prominent in Punjab and the very regular BJP-SAD alliance is going through little tough times because of Congress and AAP in  the loop.

After the recent campaign session, PM Modi will again make a stroll towards the boundary state to make an address to the rally held at Kotkapura in Faridkot district on Sunday. This will be finished before the pre-arranged budget session on this year. SAD will take care of Kotkapura rally. During this rally conduct, PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah will highlight the previous government’s achievements in the state and also the works done by the central government.

During this election, a plethora of senior politicians and Union ministers will mingle manifesting the works of the central government. The members of the party will also showcase the zero tolerance moves in regards of corruption.

In the party campaigners, Arun Jaitley, Narendra Tomar, Ramlal and Avinash Rai Khanna are some elite names which will help to boost up the vote bank.

The ministers of the party who are contributing in the election moves are asked to choose read travelling as it leads to better interaction with people. CM Kalyan Singh’s son and Etah MP Rajveer Singh has been tagged as major campaigner which are majorly targeting the OBC votes and taking them as decisive. Apart from this, the party members are also keeping all hopes from upper level casts.

Amidst all this, Shah is also going to reveal the manifesto for the UP polls on coming Saturday. The launch of this manifesto will be a remarkable event. For this will be focusing on Dalit empowerment and assistance to backward classes, the event is going to play a major role.


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