A Peace Move Made By Akhilesh Over Party Symbol Quarrels


Uttar Pradesh election commission is facing the political complications with both the facets of Samajwadi party. On Tuesday, party’s current chief Akhilesh yadav showed up at party veteran, Mulayam singh’s place after his return from New Delhi to Lucknow. Akhilesh yadav arrived after Mulayam Singh appeared from national capital. He visited Delhi to have discussions with EC officials to claim the long going electoral symbol, “cycle”.

Even after the so much quarrel and talks, Yadav family feud has not come to any halt. As per the supporters’ statements, Akhilesh will choose to step down from the national president designation in case both Mulayam and Shivpal manage with the conditions of Akhilesh which is to mingle all the chief ministers’ supporters in the list. Akhilesh Yadav was handed over the party on Sunday and is ready to concur to the changing conditions and restore presidentship.

Source mentioned, “The restoration of Shivpal’s nameplate is the only evidence we have that so far points towards Akhilesh camp looking for reconciliation”.

With passing the presidentship to Akhilesh, simultaneously, Shivpal’s name was eliminated from the party by the supporters of chief minister. On Monday, it was restored and Shivpal’s old nameplate, marked as “minister” was re-placed the office.

All this peace process was initiated by veteran minister, Azam Kha. Azam khan also flew to Delhi to have meeting with Mulayam Singh but failed to do so. After all the chaos, party partners Mulayam and Akhilesh are back together at the previous residence and are all ready to welcome back the Shivpal.

One senior party MLA mentioned, “The said meeting between the two sacked ministers Om Prakash Singh and Narad Rai with expelled ‘Sajan’ and Bhadauria indicates that Akhilesh ji would agree on letting the sacked ministers contest the seats they are MLA from and the expulsion of Akhliesh’s youth leaders will be revoked”.


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