From a Common Man to a Pakistani Spy: The Real Story of Sadiq Khan from Rajasthan


Last week witnessed a blur of activities in Indian intelligence bureau. The arrest of a Pakistani spy Sadiq Khan stirred a controversy across Rajasthan. Khan was detained by the Rajasthan Police last Sunday for passing sensitive information about Indian troop’s deployment to Pakistani handlers. He was arrested while trying to flee from the country. At present, the alleged Pak spy is put under trial for espionage and threatening the national security.

The IB Grilled Khan for Information, the Results were Thoroughly Shocking…

The private detectives of state intelligence agencies facilitated the arrest of Sadiq Khan from Bhagat ki Kothi railway station in Jodhpur on Sunday. He was put behind the bars on Thursday after interrogation. Upon investigating the matter, the IB sleuths found out that Sadiq had visited Pakistan thrice in last few years.

He had close relationships with Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Surveillance) group. The police recovered important surveillance-related documents, five phones and many SIM cards from him. The police is currently examining the documents seized from Khan.

Khan was accused of clicking photographs of strategic border locations in west Rajasthan. Three of the ISI agents were in constant touch with Khan, who paid him in cash for supplying information. Khan was an associate of Pakistani spy Nandu Maharaj who was  busted a few months back. All these spies are a part of the ‘sleeping cell module’ that operates in western Rajasthan.

What are Sleeper Cells? How are they a Threat to India?

For those who don’t know, the sleeper cell modules are an underground group of agents working for various terrorist organizations. The members of this group are brainwashed and whet against the country. They’re trained to plan attacks in various regions, on their leaders’ instructions. The bomb blasts occurring in India are a result of the activities of these sleeper cells.

How did Sadiq Become a Spy for Pakistan?

Sadiq Khan has relatives in Pakistan who introduced him to the world of terrorism. The ISI had facilitated Khan’s stay and travel in Pakistan. To return their favour, he supplied them with information on Indian troops. For last three months, the members of the IB, including DIG R Suhasa and ADGP U.R. Sahoo were keeping an eye on him. They discovered that Khan was sharing information via WhatsApp and Skype. He also recruited several people in his spy network.

Based on the information extracted from him, the police has tracked ISI handlers across the border who were in regular touch with Khan. They’re likely to make new arrests in Rajasthan to uncover newly recruited agents.

The number of Pakistani spies in India is increasing at an alarming rate. The cops have already busted 18 Pakistani spies in four districts of Rajasthan in last two years. Khan’s arrest has made the state authorities more vigilant now. They’ve reinforced their counter-intelligence operations with new strategies. More officers have been appointed to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, the government is keeping strict vigilance on suspicious activities in and around Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Barmer. Any person who’s found involved in anti-national activities will be heavily penalized by the government.


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