OROP- Over Reacting Obsessive Politicians

Rahul Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal Detained

If a dog sees a pole, he is bound to pee! Same goes for the political leaders who, with their dirty politics, are claiming their stand by marking the territory. Dead or alive, the person will hold no importance to these leaders until it lays golden eggs for them.

The latest hen being the ex- soldier Ram Kishan Grewal, who killed himself on the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue in Delhi. Where the family members are still mourning the death of Grewal, Congressmen and AAP ministers are looking for loopholes to target the government and create a ruckus over it.

As said by Stephen King- ‘Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.’ When someone lose a family member, the despair and loss makes them vulnerable to any sort of comfort which is offered. In a war of words, these party members don’t realise the hope their words are giving to the kins of the dead. Or maybe that is what they are planning to play with- ‘hope’.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi created a scene outside the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi where the body of the ex-soldier was kept. Inspite of the tight security and knowing how sensitive the situation is, he tried to barge in on the pretext of consoling the family members. Funny how it may seem but isn’t his grandmother Indira Gandhi was the one who created this OROP issue in the first place? Why didn’t people protest when she removed the OROP benefits in 1973 when she was the Prime Minister. On the contrary, Narendra Modi, who has set 1000 crore budget aside for OROP, is being continuously targeted by the Congress. Irony of the situation is quite amusing…

Joining the bandwagon of wrong decision makers, Rajasthan PCC chief Sachin Pilot and former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot condemned the detention of Rahul Gandhi by the Delhi police. Pilot and Gehlot, who are known for their internal differences, came together to protest in favour of Rahul Gandhi. Maybe this was Gehlot’s way to impress Rahul Gandhi as the latter supports Pilot for the upcoming state assembly elections. Gehlot even went on to say that,’ Police action was shameful and tantamount to murder of democracy.’ The police force, who were doing their duty to keep the Grewal family in protection, were targeted by these Congressmen, who alleged that it was a dictatorial method.

When it comes to uttering wrong words at the wrong time, how can we forget Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Having a history of making wrong decisions, Arvind Kejriwal too was detained from entering the hospital premises. Quite a multitasker, even while being taken in the custody, he took out time to tweet about his ordeal.

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Taking a blind leap, Kejriwal even promised the compensation of Rs 1 crore for Ram Kishan Grewal’s family. But to his dismay, it cannot be given to the Haryana-based family, according to the rules approved by his own cabinet. The compensation can only be given to kin of martyrs belonging to Delhi Police, fire service, armed forces, paramilitary forces and other uniformed forces killed on duty.

The absurd part is, by promising them compensation, Kejriwal is indirectly promoting suicide which is a criminal offence. Or maybe not so absurd, as he wanted proof of the surgical strike done by the Indian military on POK, he might as well makes a dead ex-soldier more important than thousands of live soldiers risking bullets.

Thousands of living people are surviving on less than $3 a day in his city, but once a madman always a madman.

Thanks to politicians like these, attempting suicide has now become a trend and is a sure shot way to become famous- alive or dead.


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