Needless controversy spiked up for Rajasthan Government’s mid-size Jet Requirement.


In between the redundant controversy over hiring premium mid-size aircraft for chief minister Vasundhara Raje, the state government officials claimed that the carrier specifications were customised in order to increase it’s potency ensuring that it could be rented out for commercial operations too. Well, this is what is called optimum utilisation of assets. And it is nothing short of Proper utilisation of funds and assets.

Tender issued on November 28, 2016 called for plane with 3,200 nautical miles range – that could fly up to Europe and with service ceiling of 41,000 feet.

Rumopurs are abuzz that Rajasthan government solicited tender with specifications that would engender the most powerful executive mid-size jet used by any politician which spots similarities with those used by stellar personalities including prime minister.

Officials however pointed out that they were looking for a plane not which serves as a multi-purpose carrier.

“Intention to get high-end jet was using it on the national as well as international routes. There are many international charted flights that land in the state and there are ample opportunities to explore that market” said an official.

Indubiously, this is no extraordinary plane. It is just as normal as all other politicians sought to use.

Concerned officials suggested that airplane, whether purchased or hired in future will be put in use as air taxi. However, if need occurs, VIP place will also airlift police personnel’s and troops.

As works and activities increase, inherent time management skills suggest to shorten incidental time like commuting, etc. The allegations demand a powerful aircraft with a 3600 nautical miles range was unnecessary.

As a matter of fact, all mid-size aircrafts in the country are ranged near about these specifications. There is nothing so special to boast about this aircraft. “Most airplanes in this category come with service ceiling of about 35,000 feet and 2600-3200 nautical miles. We have not asked for anything extravagant” added the concerned official.


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