First Rain Filled The Historical Water Resources With Thousands Of Litres Of Water


The first rain in Bikaner filled the water sources with thousands of litres of water and the place is full of birds chirpings, kids fun and happy faces of villagers, all because of “Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan”. The programme is also making all the Dhanis scattered in remote areas self-sufficient in terms of water. Bikaner’s Bhurolai Talai had the similar view after heavy rain. Rain has caused large quantity water protection and accumulation here. The place seem not less than a picnic spot among the cool breezes of fresh air.

On one side of talai, children were playing in groups and on the other side youths were busy capturing “selfies”. Peacock’s sweet sounds and tweeting of migratory birds infused the right amount of sweetness in the environment. A veteran from Mohanram even said that within 5 months, the place will undergo complete transformation. Who would have thought this level of elevation. The person called the Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan as an historic move and also mentioned that if the pond gets full of water, the village will be free from water scarcity issue. “First rain brought the season of spring for water reservoirs” in Nalbandi Gurudwara with the grace of Mukhymantri jal Swawlamban Abhiyan, holding capacity of 50,000 litre.

Made under rooftop water harvesting structure, the reservoir has been associated with roof and footboard. Even in first rain, the reservoir got full of water. Similarly, the water reservoir made in Bhooro ka baas is enjoying similar results. The reservoir has been made on national highway, serving the passer-bys. Along with this, natives are also getting equally benefitted. In fact, a native Mangilal Kumhar is full of joy and can hardly believe that government has constructed water reservoir with expenditure of just Rs. 60,000.

Mangilal told that, earlier when rain water used to go wasted, he felt extremely helpless and sad. He could not do anything due to lack of finances. But, Monday rain loaded the water reservoirs with every drop of water. In fact, Dand pond of Nalbandi got full of rain water. These conserved water sources will not only satisfy the needs of villagers but also of animals and birds.


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