Kirodilal Meena to Join Forces with Ghanshyam Tiwari, BJP Unaffected by Political Tantrums


Rajasthan politics, like Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps is full of drama, melancholy, twist and turn. There is a ‘compassionate Rani’, a ‘Messiah for Jaat’, an opportunist ‘party outcast’, a ‘rebel’ and an ‘old primogenitor’ who was dethroned by new political leaders. In short, Rajasthan political family is complete with each member caste in their interesting individual roles. Recently, the villain of this plot that is ‘self-proclaimed’ well-wisher of tribal communities that is Kirodilal Meena extended his support to disgruntled BJP rebel Ghanshyan Tiwari. It isn’t surprising considering that both the leaders seem to share similar sentiments regarding party high-command.

What are the Possible Outcomes of Tiwari-Meena Reunion?

“Old friendships die Hard”. This proverb appropriately applies in case of Ghanshyam Tiwari and Kirodilal Meena. Back in past, due to gibberish statements and nonsensical comments, BJP high command showed the door to Kirodilal Meena. Consequently, Meena went on to join NPP (National People’s Party) to rebel against CM Vasundhara Raje on streets. He’s regarded as the crafty mastermind who fuelled the much-hyped Meena-Meena controversy in state recently.


In the recent turn of events, BJP leader Ghanshyam Tiwari seems to follow in Meena’s step. Peeved by Raje’s disinterest towards him, Tiwari formed a new party named Deen Dayal Vahini. DDV was apparently founded on the principles of Late. Party founder Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s ideologies. Though we can’t say for sure if Tiwari would abide by Upadhyaya’s teachings.

It’s a universally known fact Tiwari is not in good books of the CM because of his rebellious nature and ludicrous activities. As of now, he seeks public referendum against Raje’s developmental projects in Rajasthan. In future, we might see him form a full-fledged party to contest against the CM in upcoming Rajasthan state assembly elections 2019.

As per the latest rumours, Kirodilal Meena was spotted at Tiwari’s residence this Monday. He was there to wish him well on first anniversary of Tiwari’s party DDV. When asked, Tiwari laid out his plans regarding DDV. According to Tiwari, he had already met around 1 lakh people. Based on their feedback, Tiwari would decide his future plans. Since Tiwari was promoted to the post of State President for DDV, Meena wants to join hands with him.

Meena, who was earlier seen with Congress rebel Vishwendra Singh, is ready to seize the closest opportunity that he finds. Whetting the public against Raje government on Meena-Meena controversy, Kirodilal plans to rope in Tiwari and Singh in his plans. He’ll use this alliance to build a lucrative vote bank against Raje government for the upcoming elections. We can’t say if this alliance will fetch votes, but it’ll surely add to the political drama during election years.

CM Raje, who seems to be unperturbed by this political tantrum, relies on her good work and reforms. Committed to deliver Suraaj in Rajasthan, Raje is hopeful that her good work will reap sweet fruits in the next term. It’s true, considering that her ambitious schemes like MJSA, Annapurna Rasoi, Bahamshah card etc. received overwhelming response by the public.


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