Here’s How Raj Govt’s Jal Swavlamban Helped Boondi Grooms Find Prospective Wives!


When Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje launched Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban in 2016, we bet she didn’t know it’ll help youths settle down in life. The idea was to save water, but the ambitious water-savvy scheme brought smiles on the faces of natives in sun-parched villages of Rajasthan. The grooms of Boondi seemed to be the happiest of all! Here’s why!

Fetching clean water for domestic use was a persistent problem in dry, drought-hit villages like Suwadsa, Balapura, Bheemganj, and Sisola. It was hard for the youths in Boondi district to get brides due to acute water scarcity. Fearing their daughters will have to walk several miles every day to fetch water from remote places, the parents were reluctant to marry off their daughters to Boondi grooms. All this occurred because of low annual rainfall rate in Boondi. Fortunately, things changed for good after the state government implemented Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban in Rajasthan.

Raje government’s self-reliance water scheme changed the lives of villagers, especially young men. Rajasthan successfully shed its tag of ‘Sookha Rajya’ with MJSA or ‘Jal Swavlamban.’

The scheme focused on developing ‘anicuts’ and water reservoirs near temples and schools, aiming at storing rainwater. According to the state Watershed Department, the water-savvy structures were scientifically designed to enhance soil fertility. The rainwater falling on rooftop and ground seeps through the soil to reach the water table underground. Recycled rain water fulfills domestic and agricultural needs and boosts the ground water level. The government coupled the MJSA scheme with mass tree plantation to intensify its fight against droughts.

Thanks to MJSA, the farmers get sufficient water to irrigate their fields. Consequently, the annual farm yield has raised three folds this year. Now that villages have adequate water for irrigation and domestic purpose, the men can convince girls to marry them. Seven young men from Sisola village entered into a wedlock this year. There are 50 eligible bachelors in Bhemganj village, waiting for the perfect bride this year!


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