HC Declines Gujjar Reservations: Gujjar Leaders Whet Masses against Raje Government


kirori-singh-bainsla-556430800c9ae_lEver since the HC (high court) struck down Gujjar community’s appeal for 5% SBC (Special Backward Class) reservation, political representatives of Gujjar community are in a quandary. Younger leaders who’re a part of ABYGM (Akhil Bhartiya Yuva Gujjar Mahasabha) are impatient and angry. They’ve repeatedly threatened to burn CM’s effigy on multiple occasions. Contrary to this, the older leaders-turned-messiahs like Col. Kirori Singh Bainsla and Himmat Singh Gujjar are pondering over new strategies to win public vote of confidence. Amidst all this confusion, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje assured people that government wouldn’t backtrack on its decision. They’ll do everything possible to protect their rights.

Why Did High Court Turn Down Gujjar Reservations?

Highlighting the flaws of SBC reservations, Rajasthan High Court pointed out that all five castes falling in SBC category that is Raikas, Gujjars, Gadia Lohars, Banjaras and Raikas were already enjoying the benefit of caste-based reservations in education institutions and services. If the court accepts their plea for (extra) 5% reservation, it’ll exceed the ceiling of 50%, which isn’t possible in practical sense. Declaring it as an effort to ‘achieve political goals in future’, the HC turned down their plea.


Leaders used this Opportunity to Quench their Political Interests

Rajasthan High Court’s unbiased verdict was followed by agitation and outburst of political leaders like Bainsla. Last Sunday, ex-Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla met Patidar quota protestant Hardik Patel in Karauli to discuss the outcomes of HC’s recent decision. The intension was clear, both Bainsla and Patel wanted to use this opportunity for selfish reasons. The idea was to mislead the masses to maintain their supposedly clean ‘leader image’ in social and political sense.

Gujjar Leaders Take Drastic Measures, Decline Government’s Health

Sensing Gujjar agitation the CM as well as Social justice and empowerment minister Arun Chaturvedi assured Gujjar community that government will re-appeal in the Supreme Court in their interest. Nevertheless, Bainsla, who was bent on wrecking havoc, filed a revision petition in the HC. They didn’t agree with the state government on a common ground. Raje government has plans to file a SLP (Special Litigation Petition) in the SC. Nevertheless, Gujjar leaders were totally against this option.

Knowing that Bainsla’s demands are unreasonable, it’s likely that the apex court will strike down SLP. Thus, SC’s decision would permanently shatter their hopes for reservation as well as the starting of their political career in Rajasthan. Seeing no way out of the mess Gujjar leaders gave a 7-say ultimatum to Rajasthan government, failing which, the state will break out into protests and outbursts.

Now, the CM needs to find a middle ground to settle this issue diplomatically. They’ve to put in rigorous efforts to protect Gujjar rights. At the same time, they need to crush leaders like Bainsla before they wreck catastrophes in the state. It’ll be interesting to see how they resolve this issue since ‘caste’ is an important factor during electoral voting. There are high chances that the opposition, especially Congress will try tooth and nail to encash gujjar hostility against Raje government to strengthen their vote banks for upcoming Rajasthan state assembly elections 2019.


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