A Good Career Path Can Even Replace Gold, Bonds, Real Estate and Stocks


    You Are Highly Mistaken If You Don’t Consider Your Career As Your Biggest Asset

    We often for long over high yielding investments which can yield better returns and with less risk involved. To conduct this tedious process, you have to be not less than a think tank who can take prompt and effective decisions. One thing, we miss during this is our basic job responsibilities. Even the facts and figures reveal that, your career can give you much more than any other investment alternatives. Leaving, stocks, gold, real estate and bonds behind, your ideal working flair can give you much more wealth by the time of your retirement.

    This is important because, we have most control over our careers than any other mode of investment and growth. Even starting with the pay of Rs. 20,000 every month which is the most basic start in today’s times, it scatter in different directions with the time and diligence you invest to sustain it.

    Four people starting with the similar pay scale, may end up with slimmest to fat bank accounts in 30 years of their careers.

    While, not everyone gets the maximum and stable hike every year, we can take an average to figure it out. For example, person getting 5% annual hike will be able to yield Rs. 9.8 lakh in 30 years of career, in contrary to person getting 20% annual hike with Rs. 4.7 crores.

    This amount variation may guide you towards your investment plan also. Following some simple rule of thumbs may make it all simpler to help you focus more on your career goals.

    Rule 72:

    You can count your money doubling time by dividing the interest rate with 72.

    Rule 114:

    Count your money tripling period by dividing the interest rate with 114.

    Rule 144:

    Divide the interest rate with 144 and you will end up getting the period in which your saving will quadruple.

    Now, most of do not get excited by the big amounts quoted by investment agencies after one, two or three decades, because money value changes.

    To keep a check that according to current inflation rate, in how many years, your money will be valued half, you can rely on below formula:

    Rule of 70 asks you to divide 70 by ongoing inflation rate. The result will give you the number of years, in which your money value will be hampered by 1/2 ratio.


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