Demonetisation Protest As Bharat Bandh Got Mixed Responses From The Nation


Surprisingly, the call for Bharat Bandh to make a protest against demonetisation policy has got mixed response from the nation. Not all the states have given the clear disapproval of the new policy. In states like Bihar, the schools and colleges are shut and they are active on constant protest. On contrary, the chief minister of West Bengal didn’t get any noticeable response from the state.


  1. West Bengal had least affect on its business and shops. All school, colleges and institutes were open without any fuss. Also, no any transport means were affected including metros, buses and flights. So, the response against the protest of demonetisation went through half-hearted response.
  2. Life is at halt in Left-rules Tripura. Also, all the public, non-public, schools, colleges, shops and banks remained closed. Also, transportation got equally disrupted.
  3. The response was partial in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In some areas, shops, businesses and educational institutes were closed. On the other hand, Road Transport corporation services were on the track.
  4. Earlier there was immense support from Odisha government but today they asked to shut all schools and colleges.
  5. There has been a substantial protest in UP by Samajwadi Party against the demonetisation.
  6. In Kerala, huge protest is seen as offices registered very low attendance, and the private vehicles were also piled. Hence, the closure affected their normal life schedule in a great deal.
  7. In Bihar state, the members of Left parties made a stop over some long route trains in Gaya, Patna, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur and Gaya. The roads were blocked from the normal flow in various areas of the state.

The rival parties are on their toes to corner the PM Narendra Modi and BJP government for the policy of demonetisation. But, on contrary, on the call of Bharat Bandh, they don’t seem very united.


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