Demonetisation – As Per Rahul, This Is “Biggest Scam” By Narendra Modi.


Rahul Gandhi has brought socio-political quotes from his bleeding heart for the country. On Friday, he blamed government for not allowing him to put his views on demonetisation. Resultantly, he gave it a heavy term called “biggest scam” and has also threatened that, he would unleash in the House, what are the true motives behind scrapping high denomination notes.

He spoke to the reporters in front of Parliament and mentioned his urges to conduct a debate on the matter of demonetisation. He said, his party wants to find the truth by probing but government is hiding from giving any answers.

Rahul Gandhi (The Congress Vice President) mentioned that, when he will be given chance to put his views on demonetisation, ” the Prime Minister will not be able to even sit there”.

Gandhi also said, “The Prime Minister is giving speeches across the country but is afraid of coming to the Lok Sabha and is not willing to sit there”.  Adding to his statement he said, ” what could be the reason for this “nervousness”.

Gandhi sharply accused the government, saying ” Demonetisation is the biggest scam in the history of India. I want to speak in Lok Sabha. I will tell everything there”.  Coming up with this harsh statement, he termed demonetisation as “biggest scam” of Narendra Modi government.

Not compromising on their part, opposition parties are also not ready to apologize to country people for seizing the Parliament proceedings for whole 16 days. The seizure caused enough adjournment and chaos there.

As per Rahul’s notions, government spoke about black money first and then shuffled to counterfeit currency issue and now cashless society campaign.

But, as per common notion, this can also be stepwise management of currency in the country.

In his words, he mentioned, I want to tell about the biggest scam committed by Narendra Modi single handedly” and present the “voice of people, specially poor, who have suffered due to this move”.

In spite of over thinking  about the steps which have been already taken by the government, one should come up with the ideas to deal with temporary issues of cash-crunch and less currency in the country. Amidst this whole chaos, opposition is doing their part of performing politicking and government is performing theirs.


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