Post Demonetisation Employment: 3 New Tech Jobs Created due to Cash Ban

After Demonetisation Job Opportunities increased

The advent of digital technologies had created several new jobs in the digital world. Ironically, not many citizens were aware of these opportunities until the PM announced demonetisation in India. As the country gradually treads towards a cashless economy, a plethora of internet and tech based jobs are being created in different categories like cyber security, web management and computer programming.

The future has plenty of options for computer fans.

3 New Tech Jobs Created After Currency Ban in India

  1. Anti-money Laundering Unit Principal Officer

The centre’s demonetisation drive introduced new risks in the cyber world. Bank servers and online payment gateways are vulnerable to data thefts and hacking. Hackers and cyber criminals try to exploit banking services and e-wallets to fill their pockets. In such circumstances, the principal officer of anti-money laundering unit will play a significant role in fraud containment.

Required Skills: Detailed knowledge of regulatory and compliance policies, post-demonetisation banking procedures.

Job Duties: Real-time detection of online frauds, educating customers and collaborating with the bank staff to spot fraudsters.

  1. Digital CXO

Digital CXO (Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Digital Architect) are professionals, who’re familiar with the latest digital trends. They’re expected to make key decisions regarding digital value chain.

Required Skills: Thorough understanding of core business and latest virtual trends, good customer-dealing skills and decision making abilities.

Job Duties: Make customer connection as efficient as possible, digitisation of products, managing product facing functions, framing digital architecture, building good relations between the company, staff and customers.

  1. Digital Experts

Digitisation has thrown up major challenges in direct client dealing businesses like airport and ticketing, travel, fast moving goods, real estate and automobiles. This is where the digital experts come into existence. They act a bridge between business procedures and customer solutions.

Required Skills: a degree in computer science with MBA, sound knowledge of IOT (Internet of Things).

Job Duties: To serve customers, unlock efficient digital procedures, prevent obstructions in digital models and to internally leverage digitisation in the organisation. They work in close association with strategy teams mainly the market analysts and computer geeks to adapt changing business requirements.

So these were the top 3 jobs created after cash ban in India. There are plenty of other opportunities on the list including digital security officer, biometric regional programmer, security engineers etc. Though the currency ban disrupted the smooth flow of cash in India for some time, yet it has created several new prospects for the youngsters in future. The elders rightly say “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”.


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