Arvind Kejriwal to be in Jaipur for rally on December 23

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Post the Demonetisation decision, a lot has changed about politics, businesses and a common man‘s life. Owing to the ever-increasing cash crunch which has swept the economy, pains of a common man have been aggravated. Due to fluctuating guidelines regarding deposit and withdrawal, the common man is unable to make peace with the move (and its nuances).

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has been successful in garnering a lot of support for his decision. The public is optimistic about the outcomes of Demonetisation. The plethora of changing guidelines continues to test the patience of the public at large. Public is frustrated.Having said that, public is also ready to endure these temporary pains with their full heart. Afterall, Indians envision a ‘Better India’ in its best version.

Oh! We just spotted a familiar face who has consistently criticised the Demonetisation move. We are still sceptical about his major motive behind opposition: His love for ‘publicity’OR ‘for making to the headlines’. Clearly, it’s only either of them. The Delhi Chief Minister apparently stands up for ‘public’, against Demonetisation.

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had recently announced that he would hold a string of rallies across the country over demonetisation, beginning from Meerut on December 1, followed by Varanasi on December 7, Lucknow on December 18, Bhopal on December 20, Ranchi on December 22 and complete the last leg of his’tour’ in Jaipur on December 23.

 Arvind Kejriwal will be in Jaipur on December 23 to host a rally on demonetisation, party officials informed on Saturday. Party’s state secretariat coordinator Ashok Jain stated that Kejriwal will be here “to tell people how the Narendra Modi government is misleading the nation on demonetisation.”He also said that the schedule will be finalised shortly.

“Rajasthan state in-charge and MLA from Laxmi Nagar- Nitin Tyagi, the conveners of five zones in the state, in-charge of 25 Lok Sabhas, 250 Vidhan Sabhas and other party officials will be present,” reported Abhishek Jain, media in-charge for Jaipur.


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