Congress Neta, Rakesh Meghwal Praised PM Modi and CM Raje in His Speech

Congress leaders Rakesh Meghal

M. Modi is holding the gazes of Black Marketers and opposition leaders, especially after the demonetization has been introduced. But, who knew, the act could also give him an admirer from the opposition.

Here, we are talking about a Congress MLA named Rakesh Meghwal, who was addressing the crowd of Dalit community in the city named Kutchman of the District Nagour in Rajasthan. While he was giving his normal speech, all of a sudden, started praising opposition leaders, first Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje and then PM Modi for introducing demonetization of high currency notes and act of surgical strike against the Pakistan.

While all his heartily praising, one of the worker was in constant attempt to snatch mike from his hand. But, he was too adamant that he kept on speaking till the end and also asked the crowd to raise hands for PM Modi in the praise.

The attached video shows his constant efforts to make his voice audible and in reach to common people. Of course, Congress makes the constant efforts to defame PM Modi for his favourable acts, especially for demonetization, and in that, such chucklesome act from their own member seems least tolerable to them.

जब मोदी की जय-जयकार करने लगे कांग्रेस नेता…
तो छीना माइक ..!!

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