CM Raje Attempts to Revive Maharana Pratap’s Memories in Udaipur

Vasundhara raje mohan bhagwat Pratap Gaurav Kendra

Raje Laid the Foundation of the Historic Pilgrim Centre worth 100 crores at Manoharpura, Udaipura in the Memory of Maharana Pratap.

Rajasthan, the land of warriors is acclaimed for the saga of lionhearted Maharana Pratap, whose bravery is famous all over the world. Whenever one talks of Rajasthan’s history, they’re instantly reminded of Pratap, who valiantly fought against the Moghuls. To keep his tales alive in young minds, Raje-led Rajasthan government laid the foundation of ‘Gaurav Kendra’, a historic pilgrim spot built to honour the valour of this noble king. Based in Manoharpura, Udaipur, the centre was inaugurated by RSS driving force Mohan Bhagwat

Raje Government Sets Up Memorials to Resuscitate Legendary Heroes from Past

The centre would not only familiarize the pilgrims with Pratap’s life story, but it’ll also serve as an incredible tourist spot that will help propagate Rajasthan’s diverse cultures, traditions and legends all over the world. This is an attempt by Raje government to rejuvenate the long lost tales of history. The government has bigger plans to recuperate Indian warriors through memorial sites. They plan to erect a similar establishment honouring Rana Sangain Bharatpur (Khanwa), folk lord Gogaji in Hanumangarh (Gogamedhi) and Amar Singh Rathore in Nagaur.

In the first stage of this mega-plan, they will establish 11 temples and religious centres, whereas the second phase will witness the foundation of historic memorials that’ll propagate famous tales of Indian history. By implementing this plan, the government aims to set up a historical circuit in Rajasthan, considering it is one of the leading tourist hotspots in India. State government proposed a ‘light and sound’ show, for which, they’ll be asking the Centre to provide them a funding worth 20 crores. The government also plans to set up a museum near the memorial. The CM recalled the scenes of the famous Battle of Haldighati through fibre exhibition.

At the inaugural address, she urged the natives to plant at least 11 trees in the name of every girl child so as to make Rajasthan a green, fertile land.

Addressing the crowd present on the occasion, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat stressed on the values of valour, self-respect and traditional roots. He urged the people to overcome self-abandonment, dependence and slavery. If we take pride in our cultural values and traditions, only then can we progress in true sense. With this, the glorious inauguration of the Udaipur centre came to an end with both CM and Mr. Bhagwat appreciating and awarding the sculptors, designers and artists that shaped this vision into a reality.


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