BJP Is Likely To Spread Its Wings Of Hopes In Tamil Nadu To Fill The Vacuum After Amma’s Death


2016 has been an unfortunate year for Tamil Nadu as the state has lost its Amma. This arises the opportunity for other parties in the country to raise their chances in the state. Tamil Nadu’s political ground is transforming, BJP has high chances of getting into good bucket in the state politics.

PM Modi already has a good equation in the state through jayalalithaa and thus is likely to get ahead fairly in the state politics. The recent revelation about Sasikala is likely to lessen the chances of AIADMK in the state and raises the chances of BJP.

A senior party member explained it like, “The idea is to gradually appeal to AIADMK supporters , as confusion grows over the growing rivalry between CM Paneerselvam and Sasikala, neither of who are mass leaders”. On one hand, people are expecting the AIADMK split and on the other hand, BJP can also consider electoral alliance with DMK. Also, Pannerselvam government may be on receiving end with BJP’s helping hand. One party adds to this like, “Therefore, one will see more Centre-state programmes”.

AIADMK has an acute balance of nationalist and Dravidian politics which is quite in tune with BJP. On the other hand, DMK has more of  Dravidian support. Also, the party is equally looking for scopes in other less prominent parties like Vaiko or breakaway parties of the state. As AIADMK owns the support of prominent faces like Rajnikanth, the party has fair chances to stand tall in the state again.

But, as reviewers suspect, DMK is likely to have less of inter leader conflicts as compared to AIADMK. BJP has all fair intentions and spunk to restore the voters’ hopes after Jayalalithaa’s death.

Just like the party is fairly ruling in the nation, we see the similar chances of prosperity in Tamil Nadu state.


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