Ashok Gehlot to skip the Congress Executive Meeting held by Sachin Pilot

ashok gehlot and sachin pilot

Differences and clashes within political leaders are a common sight these days. Some adhere to physical brawls while a few decent ones choose to battle it out with words. Congress, as you might have guessed, is a live example of how to wash dirty linen in public.

ashok gehelot tweet

In a recent twitter post, senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot informed that he won’t be able to attend the Congress Executive Meeting and the Sewadal Conference scheduled on October 14. Gehlot specifically mentioned that he have informed PCC President about his absence; just to be clear. This post seems more like a justification post to stay clear of any more controversies. Looking at their history of differences, we can’t really blame the poor lad.

PCC President Sachin Pilot has always been in the limelight due to his controversial character and joining the bandwagon is senior Congress leader Gurudas Kamat who openly challenged Ashok Gehlot to get off his chair and start working for the welfare of his people. Formation of internal teams is further weakening the roots of already unstable Congress.

Talking about internal teams, Congressman CP Joshi who once sided with Ashok Gehlot, has also started boycotting the party meetings. Earlier this month when Gehlot held a dinner at his residence on October 3 to sort out difference among his party members, CP Joshi remained unavailable.

If sources are to be believed, Gehlot will also skip the Dinner Diplomacy hosted by Sachin Pilot on October 15 to crease out the party differences. Looks like the family friend’s marriage is cleverly planned in accord with dinner at Pilot’s residence. Because, obviously ‘friends’ come first; party dinners can wait.

Dinner Diplomacy’s sole purpose was to mend the differences among the Congress leaders in order for the party to function well. But looking at the constant absence of leaders from the dinner, the chances of any reconciliation looks meek. Who knows, what the presence of the leaders couldn’t achieve, their absence might.