Anicuts in Changeri Brought the Air of Jollity, Villagers Are More Than Amused – Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban Yojna

mjsa phase 2 vasundhara raje

The unexpected success of first phase of Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan has proved that, in terms of water, Rajasthan has bright future to yield. Under this programme, maximum work was done in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In this, just few days rain has influenced the water structures so greatly that, it yields immense pleasure for whoever sees them. For rural lives, this water ritual has not only resolved innumerable issues, but has also groomed the pathways of multilateral development.

The works done under this programme in Udaipur, has brought the droves of joy for villagers. the throughout construction of several small and big water conservations are becoming the cause of new hopes for villagers. Village dwellers now hope that, there would not be any water scarcity issue and the rural areas are becoming progressively becoming self-reliant in this concept. Just like in Udaipur district, many other areas are like the water structures in Mawali region are also getting replete with water. Villagers are now realising it that these water structures made are a visionary work by CM Vasundhara Raje and is boon by the state government.

The villages covered under first phase of programme, manifest the mesmerizing view of a water-sufficient area and the visitors can’t stop praising the development of those areas. Amidst these only, there is Changeri Gram Panchayat. According to Anil Sanadhay (assistant engineer), who is taking care of Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban works, in the area of Changeri Gram Panchyat, MPT 11 are created with two anicut. Along with this, the works of 22 km. CCT and work on medbandi was performed in excellence. The underground water levels have risen up and the sowing has increased from a quarter to one and half times. The anicut made near Shiv Temple is topfull of water with an expense of Rs. 7.59 lakh.

Anicut made in Changeri village has been made with an expense of Rs. 5 lakh. The water spread in area of 1 km. has proven very beneficial for villagers. Cattles and wild animals will be equally benefitted with the water availability. These anicuts also serve as a source of attraction for the villagers. Kishan, a nearby field owner speaks that because of rich levels of water in anicuts, his wells are also getting sufficient water supply. Villagers are completely satisfied with the work.


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