Akhilesh Yadav Is Relishing Support From Ministers And Family Members Leaving Mulayam Singh In Seclusion


Amidst all the party chaos, Akhilesh Yadav has came out all clean and now has taken control of Samajwadi Party, swiping it away from Mulayam Singh Yadav on last Sunday. This happened because all the supporters of the patriarch disregarded him and chose his son instead of him.

On Sunday, Akhilesh was selected as party president, people like Reoti Raman Singh, vice president Kiranmay Nanda, party general and Rajya Sabha Naresh Agrawal and many other ministers and MLAs were present. All these people were in long association with Mulayam and many members of Yadav family.

In fact many visitors visited Mulayam Singh on Sunday which includes minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, a close follower of Mulayam’s younger son Prateek, Beni Prasad Verma (Rajya Sabha MP), Ashu Malik etc.

Nanda has very acutely defended his decision of siding Akhilesh, saying, “Akhilesh is a national leader and people in every state know him,” Nanda said, while adding, “I cannot leave Netaji … I was with him when he established the party.”

Similarly, MLA Braj Mohan Yadav, who attended the convention said, “In the last few days, everyone has understood who enjoys the support of the public, MLAs and workers. His anointment as national president was long awaited. He has managed to rid the SP of the tag of being associated with goons and mafia. Even if he does not get the bicycle symbol, it will not be a big issue, as he is a symbol by himself now”.

The district secretary of the party’s Gorakhpur unit mentioned, “Everything happened with the consent of Netaji. He just did not want to get the blame for appointing his son. It is better that this has been done now when Netaji is alive”.

Naresh Agrawal highlighted that, “We have accepted Netaji as our mardarshak and we respect him. Public has faith in Akhilesh. Some people have surrounded Netaji and are forcibly getting orders issued, but as Akhileshji has led the government in the state and he will have to appear in the exam of upcoming elections, he should not be pushed back.”


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