Countering His Father, Akhilesh Rolls Out His Own List Of 235 Candidates. Shivpal Added His 78 More


Samajwadi Party has been going through heavy quarrels and on the verge of split as on Thursday UP Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav rolled out his separate list of candidates 235 candidates against SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.

This unexpected and stirring step appeared when Akhilesh received zero assurance from Mulayam Singh for reconsidering the list to eliminate the unwanted candidates. They had a 6 hours long meeting for this over the SP list of 325 candidates and Akhilesh wanted to accommodate some changes as per his preferences over the seats. This retaliating move from Akhilesh did not leave Saifai clan in peace. There has been enough feud and there has been strong estimations about the split of SP just ahead or near the assembly elections.

On late Thursday evening, the crisis even took a steep turn with Shivpal, who rolled out the list of 78 candidates. This decision can prove to be very provoking snuffing out the Akhilesh’s options in SP. In Shivpal’s list some of Akhilesh’s preferences have been added like Abhishek Mishra, Kamal Akhtar and Yasar Shah.

Some Akhilesh’s nearby sources remarked that this because of lack of heed from his farther and distanced uncle Shivpal Yadav, this was inevitable that he was going to carve his separate way. Akhilesh was well prepared for this plan and had all intentions to execute this with his “brand” support.

CM, Akhilesh told his father that, “Aap ko jo karna hai mujhe kariye, mere logo ko kyon punish kar rahe hai (If you are angry with me, punish me not my friends)”.  On this, the SP head, Mulayam Singh said, “hum dekhenge”.

As per the sources, Akhilesh felt humiliated when his followers were not mentioned in the list.

Countering this, after Mulayam Singh released the list on Wednesday, Akhilesh introduced his own inventory mentioning his own loyalists in it.


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