3 years of Suraj on the Run: Rajasthan Tourism prospers under Raje’s visionary leadership

3 Years of suraaj

The exceptional visionary Vasundhara Raje took over Rajasthan in 2013, when she carried an earnest dream in her heart for the state. She incessantly aimed to establish a firm, efficient and incessant intra/interstate-international network so that incoming travellers can easily commute throughout the state. To fulfil this vision she had announced the commencement of first intrastate flight services in budget 2014. Raje’s clear intention was to boost the economy growth and usher in several investment opportunities along with massive employment generation in the state.

CM introduced Tourism 3.0, an innovative campaign for marketing Rajasthan as the leading leisure and investment capital of India. The main highlights of the plan include:

  • Restoration of old monuments,
  • Promoting Rajasthani folkart on digital platforms,
  • Launching articulated ideas and new video campaigns,
  • Revamp stagnant transport system,
  • Ensuring seasonal investments on cultural fronts, among others.

Due to Raje’s relentless efforts, the first phase of RAFC (Regional Air Flight Connectivity Scheme) was successfully accomplished. CM inaugurated the first regional flight connecting Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaipur-Udaipur. In the second phase, attempts were made to connect other tourist hotspots like Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Kota to promote in-house tourism and businesses.

Raje’s far-sightedness enabled her to envision a Rajasthan with marvelous air-connectivity equipped with enviable standards.

Tentatively, every tourist accommodation in Rajasthan provided direct employment to 3 and indirect employment to 8. In order to curb the menace of corruption and bribery,every single rupee spent by a passenger passed through 13 hands. What A thought!

The city will also witness its first international flights to Bangkok, starting from 15th November.  Jaipur airport received (Airports Authority of India) AAI’s approval to upgrade to the second-most high-tech instrument landing system (ILS) . Having installed advanced CAT-IIIB lights in February 2016, the airport authorities started its testing  from 8 December. Not just this, the Rajasthan government has expanded Jaipur airstrip to 11,500 feet, thereby  giving a green signal to Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

On the 3rd of October, Jaipur became the third Indian city to experience the cool ‘scootitude’ after Chennai and Amritsar. This is the visible result of Raje’s Government during its #3YearsOfSuraaj (as the ultra-exemplary tenure of BJP in Rajasthan is popularly called)

Raje-led Government has been moving on an incessant treadmill of colossal development and tremendous growth opportunities coupled with enormous employment ventures.

Further beautification of Rajasthan over and above state’s historically endowed beauty drives the government to make cosmic transformations in the face of air-connectivity and tourism.

Rajasthan’s tourism is in safe hands, until Raje is looking after. For the epic visionary, a successful tale in the facet of RajasthanTourism is yet to be written.


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